4 Business Techniques Your Beauty School Should Teach You


Does the beauty school you're considering teach you any of the business aspects you will need? You do need to know the beauty techniques, and you need hands on training. But when it's all over, you will also need to know how to get started with running your new business. Here are four things to look out for.

1. How to Choose a Location

Location is important. No matter what aspect of the industry you want to practice, you will need a location that's appealing to potential clients. There is a lot to choosing a location, and it's something that many people don't put enough effort into. You have to know

  • The demographics of the area
  • How many clients you expect to see at any one time
  • The parking situation
  • If there's close by competition

You may choose to travel with your new skill set, or you may choose to work out of your home. These are all important decisions. Your beauty school should definitely offer a course or a block of time to help you learn the finer aspects of choosing a location.

2. Marketing Techniques

Marketing is an important aspect of any beauty or personal care business. These days, there are mobile communications, apps, online classifieds, social networking, local search engine optimization, and other disparate advertising platforms.

It can seem overwhelming when all you want to do is get the word about your service out there. You need to know what options are available to you. You need to know at least how to start thinking about marketing the skill that you're attending beauty school for.

3. How to Set Appointments

Every type of beauty or personal care service revolves around scheduling. What many people don't realize going in is that scheduling is a skill. Setting appointments properly allows a business to flow without becoming overwhelming.  Learning to deal with leads, and turning them into scheduled appointments, is one of the best ways to grow a business.

4. How to Start a Business Plan

Your business plan is not just your roadmap; it's a constant reminder and reaffirmation of your goals going forward. There are specific ways to develop professional business plans.

These types of official business plans can help you find backers and funding. There are also personal business plans that you should develop just for you. In all cases, your business plan should include:

  • Your goals, with steps to reach them
  • A full description of your business and how it should work
  • Your budget and how much you will need to start
  • The day-to-day functions of your business

You may also want to include information about your competitors and notes on how similar businesses function.

Choose a School That Understands Business

It's not the job of the beauty school to give you a full degree in business. But the school should acknowledge that you're there to learn new skills specifically to apply to a business.

You will definitely need to do your own research into these areas. However, the school should devote time to teaching you some of the finer points of starting your business. For more information on classes, talk to a school like New Age Spa Institute, Inc.


26 September 2015

Choosing An Exciting Career

When I graduated from high school, I knew that I didn't want to go to college--only to sit behind a desk for the rest of my life. Instead, I wanted to work with my hands, meet new people, and enjoy an ever-changing work environment. Those goals prompted me to investigate beauty school, which become the love of my life. I adored everything about beauty school--including learning how to cut hair, do nails, and consult with clients. It took me a long time to develop a loyal client following, but not that I have, I have a stable career that I can do from anywhere. This blog is all about beauty school, so that you can love what you do too.