Why You Should Go to School for Bridal Makeup


When it comes to the beauty industry (and makeup especially), there is a school of thought that suggests formal training is not really required. After all, if this is your passion, and you have worked in and around it for many years on yourself and your friends, why would you need to go to makeup school? While there are a number of things wrong with this way of thinking, perhaps the most important factor is when it comes to very serious events such as weddings. Here is why makeup school is so important for applying proper makeup techniques, particularly for weddings.

It May Only Be Another Day at The Job, But Its Their Wedding Day

While there are some jobs where it is okay to perhaps be a bit more relaxed during what can feel like a routine process, for a makeup artist working primarily at weddings, that is not an option. A makeup school will help establish the professionalism that these days require. After all, it only takes one or two mess-ups for word of mouth to get out and that can immediately dry up your bridal clients. Failure is, therefore, not an option which is why training is so necessary.

Attract Clients

When it comes to weddings, clients take no chances. They want and deserve, the best. If you are competing for a client with other beauticians and makeup artists, it can be hard to explain why they should choose you over the rest if they have qualifications and you don't. Going to a makeup school gives you the advantage over those who did not prioritize it, and lets your clients know that you take this career seriously and want to provide them with the best possible makeup for their special day.

Different Style

Bridal makeup is not exactly the same as every other type of makeup. In fact, it is quite different due to the length of time it takes and the effort required, as well as all the different materials you need to create a much heavier look than normal. Often brides will have unique requests that you need to be able to implement seamlessly. It really is on another level of makeup application compared to what you would normally be used to, and it is hard to practice, which is why the experience you get from beauty schools that offer bridal courses is so important. 


18 February 2022

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