3 Reasons To Include Salon Management In Your Cosmetology Program


If you are taking a full cosmetology program, then you will likely be trained in hair care, skin care, nail care, hair removal, and various specialties including braiding, permanent makeup, and hair coloring. Most cosmetology programs also include various science courses and training in safety and hygiene. However, not all cosmetology programs include a mandatory section in salon management. If this is an optional add-on for your program, it is important that you include it in your studies, even if you are not planning to own your own salon in the near future. 

You Need Customer Service Skills 

Cosmetology is a service profession. While you will learn basic soft skills throughout your entire program, the salon management section of a program often focuses on customer service and leadership. These skills will help you deal with more difficult customers on your own and help you feel more confident in your role as a cosmetologist. 

You May Often Work As An Independent Contractor 

Often, cosmetologists will rent a station in a salon or work with clients outside of work. In these cases, you need to know how to manage your money, file taxes, and advertise your services. These are skills that you will develop during a salon management course. You will also need to know which laws and standards you will be held accountable to when you work outside of a salon. 

Finally, knowing the basics of salon management will help you know your rights as an employee or independent contractor regarding scheduling and payment. This can ensure that you are not taken advantage of when you begin working professionally. 

Effective Salesmanship Can Make You a More Attractive Employee 

One aspect of salon management includes salesmanship and advertising. If you have excellent salesmanship skills, you will likely bring in regular clients and be able to convince them to upgrade their treatments. This may increase client satisfaction, increase your income, and increase your salon's exposure and income. This will make you a more attractive employee, even if you are not involved directly in salon management. 

If you are considering cosmetology program, make sure to select one that has a thorough course in salon management. If it is an elective, you should add it to your program. If your current program does not offer salon management as a course, consider asking if there is an outside course that you can take to count towards your certification. 

For more information, contact Tri-County Beauty College or a similar institution.


9 November 2015

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